This qualification:

 is a recognised qualification for those wishing to enter the Children and

Young People’s Workforce in England

 is based on the Skills for Care and Development National Occupational

Standards (NOS). The NOS, assessment requirements/strategy and

qualification structure(s) are owned by Skills for Care and Development

 has a minimum credit value of 65 credits

 covers the age range from birth to 19 years

 requires the learner to spend time in a real work environment

 is suitable for different types of learners, including those in full-time

formal learning, those in part-time formal learning and those in full-time


The Edexcel Level 3 Diploma for the Children and Young People’s Workforce (QCF) has been approved as a component required for the Children’s Care, Learning and Development Apprenticeship framework.

What is the purpose of this qualification?

This qualification is intended to guide and assess development of knowledge and skills relating to early learning and childcare, social care and the learning development and support services workforces. The qualification confirms competence in these areas where appropriate and serves as the required qualification (for all new practitioners) for registration and regulatory requirements in the sector.